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  • Audiology

    Our team of expert audiologists at Saudi German Hospital are on hand to investigate, treat and diagnose disorders related to hearing and balance. This includes...

  • Cardiology

    At Saudi German Hospital, our world-class team of cardiologists diagnose and treat the full spectrum of heart ailments in adults. Acutely attuned to the requirements...

  • Dermatology

    We offer industry-leading dermatological services to adults and children at Saudi German Hospital through comprehensive, multi-specialty skin treatments. Beginning with a thorough analysis of your...

  • General Surgery

    The general surgeons at Saudi German Hospital are passionate about providing effective, long-term solutions to a wide variety of physiological ailments and emergency situations. Our...

  • Internal Medicine

    At Saudi German Hospital, our internal medicine practitioners provide trustworthy, general healthcare and preventative strategies to adults over 12 years old. Deeply attuned to your specific...

  • Neurology

    Our team of expert neurologists at Saudi German Hospital are on hand to investigate, treat and diagnose disorders of the nervous system. This includes the...

  • Neurosurgery

    Driven by compassion, in-depth expertise and exemplary proficiency, the Neurosurgery department at Saudi German Hospital caters patients of all ages. We offer specialized neurological treatment...

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    At Saudi German Hospital, we have long been dedicated to women’s health. Our expansive and in-depth knowledge of women’s healthcare needs is supported...

  • Orthopedics

    Saudi German Hospital leads the way in orthopedic excellence, delivered with compassion, respect and efficacy. 
Grounded by a thorough knowledge of different orthopedic disease manifestations,...