Laser Hair Removal (1 Area)

SAR 99

Women are still striving for fresh and radiant skin that is completely free of defects. Each of them is looking for the best ways to combat the effects of premature aging and the external factors that cause multiple skin problems. Despite the availability of various cosmetics and wrinkle removal creams, they need some time to get effective results, so the solution was the quick medical intervention. With the tremendous revolution in the field of using carbon lasers, many techniques based on carbon lasers have appeared in facial beautification, especially the use of carbon lasers to treat acne and remove freckles, skin pigmentation, and other skin defects.

If you are looking for the best ways to whiten the skin, tighten the face, and remove sagging without pain and in record time, the carbon laser is the solution.

Carbon laser is a new technology that has been relied upon to maintain the freshness and youth of the skin, and it is applied by spreading a cream layer consisting of carbon particles on the face for half an hour, then a long-wave Carbon Dioxide Laser (QS Nd YAG) laser is passed over the skin, causing Carbon molecules to heat up and spread widely over the entire skin.

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